THE MISSION AND PURPOSE of AIMVETS is to harness the esprit de corps of incarcerated veterans and leverage their imbued military camaraderie to motivate cognitive changes in aberrant behavior.  Employing progressive course work in Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT®) developed by Corrective Counseling Inc (CCI), and other therapy providers, we will promote positive changes in incarcerated veterans’ perspective and behavior.    We define cognition as thinking with the whole person, in our view, the body, mind and spirit.  We teach our clients to rethink, or recognate their actions and channel new behavior toward morally acceptable norms.

OUR VISION is to reorient incarcerated veterans so that they think and act moralistically.

OUR AIM is to so change the behavior of veteran inmates that they become “model” prisoners while incarcerated and patriotic and productive citizens when they return to the free world.